Call to action

Your readers are busy, make sure you call their actions when they're done reading!

It’s no secret that there is a violent attention race in today’s web. Keeping the user focused is extremely hard and every possible context switching will be used by the users to open a new tab to check their emails, Twitter or Google News.

Of course, you write great content for the web and your readers avidly read all your stories. Yet, when they reach the end of blog post, they’re left to themselves: not sure about what they should do next. And that’s exactly at that time that they’ll switch tabs, apps or click away.

Yet, it’s also once they’ve started learning about you, once they’ve decided they’re interested in your content that you should make sure you let them decide if they want more: offer them easily actionable buttons to follow your content!

This is exactly the reason why we put SubToMe buttons at the end of our blog posts, and why our Wordpress plugin now has an option to include a button at the end of each post!

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Written by
Co-founder, Superfeedr.