A TT-RSS plugin for SubToMe

Christian Weiske just created a nice little TT-RSS plugin for SubTome! If you use this standalone feed reader, I recommend you add the plugin because it makes it really easy and simple to follow new feeds!

Check the source code for installation details.

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Julien Genestoux —

FlowReader supports SubToMe

FlowReader is a web-based personal news reader that offers a new way to browse online content, combining RSS feeds along with links and stories shared on Facebook and Twitter.

You can combine your Facebook, Twitter and Google account to extract content from all of them and then categorize, filter and read what you care about most. This is very handy!

From today, if you’re a FlowReader user, everytime you’ll see a SubToMe button, like on a Feedbuner feed, for example, you’ll be redirected to FlowReader!

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Julien Genestoux —

Using Wordpress Reader with SubToMe

If you’ve ever visited a Wordpress.com hosted blog, you’ve probably noticed that there are multiple buttons to follow that blog by email or using the Wordpress.com reader. Now, if your blog is not hosted on Wordpress, you can easily add a SubToMe button to your site so that more people follow it from their wordpress reader!

Similarly, if you use the Wordpress reader to follow your favorite sources of content online, you should add the SubToMe bookmarklet (or Firefox addons) so that you can easily add our favorite sites to follow!

And for those who wonder, yes, this happened at the Reboot RSS workshop! Our community can get so much done, much faster, when we know each other!

Happy following!

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Julien Genestoux —

Rebooting feeds

The current specifications for RSS and Atom are old by the web standards and have not evolved in a long time. Yet, the way feeds are produced and consumed certainly has evolved. The reading experiences outside of RSS have evolved. It’s time to reconcile things!

At Superfeedr, we’re convinced that one of the most important things to work on is to ease the subscription process. There are follow buttons everywhere and more than ever content discovery needs to happen outside of search engines. Yet, feeds are left on the side of the road when it comes to that. SubToMe is an effort at fixing that in a decentralized, open and privacy-aware way!

In June, we will be at the “Reboot RSS” workshop and we’ll pitch that idea. We’ve heard from other people involved in the RSS world that they’re interested in seeing the formats evolve (maybe even JSON). Some other are interested in having better analytics mechanisms built in the feeds so that publishers have a better visibility on what happens to their content in the feeds they publish… Similarly, some asked for things like Webmentions endpoints made available in feeds so people can remotely comment on the content they read… etc.

If you’re interested in coming, please, email julien@superfeedr.com

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Julien Genestoux —

SubToMe in Feedburner

Earlier this week, SubToMe has been added to Feedburner! Feedburner is still an incredibly popular RSS feed platform which provides analytics and landing pages for RSS feed owners. It has not been getting a lot of attention form Google since they aquire it, but people still use it.

If you’re using Feedburner, make sure you allow SubToMe as one of the mechanisms to subscribe to the feed by going to Feedburner’s home page. Then, in the Optimize Menu, pick BrowserFriendly and click on the Appearance option link. Make sure SubToMe is selected :)

Check the integration on these feeds for example: Indepthafrica, CanadianSecurity or Phase108.

This is an amazing piece of news, but don’t forget that if you integrate a SubToMe button directly into your site, you’ll get subscription stats, and you can style it in any way you like. Of course SubToMe works really well with any feed, including your Feedburner feed! This is all completely transparent to the user.

Happy subscribing!

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Julien Genestoux —

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