SubToMe in Feedburner

SubToMe was added this week to Feedburner

Earlier this week, SubToMe has been added to Feedburner! Feedburner is still an incredibly popular RSS feed platform which provides analytics and landing pages for RSS feed owners. It has not been getting a lot of attention form Google since they aquire it, but people still use it.

If you’re using Feedburner, make sure you allow SubToMe as one of the mechanisms to subscribe to the feed by going to Feedburner’s home page. Then, in the Optimize Menu, pick BrowserFriendly and click on the Appearance option link. Make sure SubToMe is selected :)

Check the integration on these feeds for example: Indepthafrica, CanadianSecurity or Phase108.

This is an amazing piece of news, but don’t forget that if you integrate a SubToMe button directly into your site, you’ll get subscription stats, and you can style it in any way you like. Of course SubToMe works really well with any feed, including your Feedburner feed! This is all completely transparent to the user.

Happy subscribing!

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Written by
Co-founder, Superfeedr.