Using Wordpress Reader with SubToMe

There is no need to introduce Wordpress. Yet, few people know that offers a very complete RSS reader. It is now possible to use SubToMe to follow more feeds on this reader

If you’ve ever visited a hosted blog, you’ve probably noticed that there are multiple buttons to follow that blog by email or using the reader. Now, if your blog is not hosted on Wordpress, you can easily add a SubToMe button to your site so that more people follow it from their wordpress reader!

Similarly, if you use the Wordpress reader to follow your favorite sources of content online, you should add the SubToMe bookmarklet (or Firefox addons) so that you can easily add our favorite sites to follow!

And for those who wonder, yes, this happened at the Reboot RSS workshop! Our community can get so much done, much faster, when we know each other!

Happy following!

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Written by
Co-founder, Superfeedr.